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For SOUVENIR RubiCANE has invited  20 contributors to write short passages that sit beside the drawings in the form of poems,

discourses, short stories, confessions, instructions and lists. The majority of these exceptionally talented writers work

or have worked in the porn industry either as actors or directors and are able to give honest firsthand accounts and




Ophelia Bitz                                       Abigail O'Neill                            

Faberge Castiglioni                          Tony O'Neill

Dennis Cooper                                  Dr Tuppy Owens

Fiona Haggerty                                 Mik Scarlet

Charlotte Jarvis                                Rachel May Snider

Lucy Kirkwood                                 Sapphire Steele

Jiz Lee                                                Skid Stuart

Lorelei Lee                                        Abby and Tobias

Erika Lust


It has been designed with the help of Henry YP Ho from Monkiki.

Ten percent of sales will be donated to Outsiders, an organisation that does invaluable work to recognise the sexual needs

of disabled people.